Thursday, January 10, 2013

Blast from the Past.

Earlier today, while searching for some forms on my computer, I stumbled across a file entitled "Journal" with a last modified date of 5/8/2010. First off, forgive me: I'm not generally the type who names files so nondescriptly. As if I wasn't intrigued enough by the name to need to open it, I also noticed the date. Considering I've barely had my current computer for a year, I had no clue what the contents might be or why it was even here. Upon opening said mystery file, I found a glimpse into my life before moving to DC. There were a couple blog drafts - ones I actually remember publishing (somewhere...) and yet still saved, for good reason: they're actually decent, insightful. Along with those, though, were some poems. Deep, heartfelt ones that still tug at my heartstrings.

This past summer, I took a trip and reconnected with an old friend, to whom I was very close back in 2010. I know some of the poetry is directly connected to him, and I believe much of the rest arose in response to my changing relationship with a second friend.

Kenny Chesney thinks it's funny how we all have songs that "somehow stamped our lives / takes us to another place and time," but I absolutely love that fact. Today I also loved how this piece took me back to another place and time...

It’s no secret. 
I miss him. 
See pictures
From way back when
And even though it’s over
Just want to protect him.
But there’s no way
He won’t let me.
So I
Will continue
To try
To protect
My protector
From the memories
Even though
I only
Want to make new memories
With him.

Times have changed: I have changed: Feelings have changed. We'll always have the memories, though...which, according to the subtext of this piece (it all flooded back instantly), is for better and worse.

<3 KSM

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