Monday, January 21, 2013


Put up a front.
Build a facade.
Wear a mask.

It bothers me the way people are different in public than they are in private. I don't mean in appearance or personality, really, but in the way they relate to others. I'm tempted to think that the reason there are so many ways to talk about this concept is because of the frequency with which people do it. Now, I know that sounds pessimistic, but I honestly wonder if it might be true.

I think there are often unspoken rules between individuals that the two have a different relationship in private than in public. To an extent, I can understand and accept this. Sometimes other people just don’t understand, and sometimes it's for the better. I tend to think this is the exception rather than the rule, though. Sometimes it's just plain unfortunate, wherein the scenario plays out because of public perception and reputation issues. It’s like high school all over again, and the consequence is that people get hurt.

There's probably not a solution to fix this, but it concerns me. Perhaps most frightening, though, is the question it brings about, though: how many of our friends do we really know?


  1. I think it's a midwestern thing, partially. We trust everyone to be genuine. It's such a rude awakening when we learn that we can't trust what they say.

    I found it to be especially true in the south. Southern Hospitality was, for us, just "surface hospitality" and rarely, if ever, sincere.

    I've found that that's not the case with members of my church, thankfully.

    Count me glad to be in Mequon, WI, than south of the Mason-Dixon line.

    1. I'm not sure about the Southern difference, but I most certainly agree about the Midwest. I refer to it as "Midwestern Charm," but there's definitely something genuine and sincere about people from back home that definitely isn't present out here on the East coast or anywhere else I've seen.

      Still, I think the point remains. Relationships change when they have an audience.


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