Tuesday, January 22, 2013

"Office Observations."

I wore a scarf in the office today. No, not into the office - in it. And no, not an infinity scarf as is currently en vogue - I mean a black knit winter scarf. It was damn cold. As evidence of such fact, I tell you this: Christine Across the Way honed a new talent today - typing with gloves on. Apparently wearing long sleeves is just not enough at the new place.

I should probably preface all this with the fact that I was also frozen out of my last office on a daily basis, but that was because my boss was a 68-year-old man who consistently thought the office was too hot and whose thermostat also regulated my office. It was summer then, so I resigned myself to the fact that wearing a skirt or short sleeves for the purpose of commuting meant I'd need a scarf, pashmina, cardigan, or - some days - sweatshirt for the office. Anyway, my new office is colder and louder than the summer one was. I'm getting used to the noise, but the cold could be a problem.

I'm not the only one who has observed this problem. The Executive Director called maintenance last week, Dominique Down the Hall just received the space heater ordered for her office a few weeks back, and, like I said, Christine Across the Way was wearing gloves.

So back to the scarf. As if it weren't bad enough that I was asked about it, it wasn't even effective. Girl needs a parka to survive in this climate-controlled cubicle! As I sloppily write these office observations, note that my fingertips are shades of yellow, white, and grey, not, in fact, the typical pink of my Prussian self.

It's kind of ridiculous, really, but I wore a scarf in the office today.

Note: The monologue above is based in reality but does not follow my day verbatim. That is, I did not get confronted about my work wardrobe on Day 6.

<3 KSM


  1. Sorry to hear about your working conditions. I would give my right kidney to work where you work.

    I am unemployed and my savings are quickly being depleted.
    I've had one interview since 6/29/12.

    Almost no one bothers to reply in the negative. About half of the "posted" positions are actually non-positions -- fishing expeditions by companies to see what kind of a response they'd get if they ever decide to fund the position.

    I've removed all restrictions on places to work. New Zealand, California, Virginia, Florida. Very few jobs exist in my field.

    People are loathe to hire a 57-year old in an entry level position, or in any position at all that's outside of my field.

    Going back to school (college, technical college, or trade school) is out of the question because it would take me out of the job hunt for up to 2 years. Likewise, consulting is a pipe dream in that to make the money I need to support my family, I'd need enough clients to keep me working 60+ hours/week. It would take me 4-5 years to build up that kind of clientele.

    I'm bitter, feeling emasculated, and getting poorer every day. Life sucks.

    Unemployment has run out and I'm selling everything I own (it seems), plus begging & borrowing to pay for health insurance premiums.

    Know anyone who wants to buy a (nice) piano for $14K? I'll take $10K in cash. That should pay for 6 mos. of health insurance.

    Oh - regarding the color of your fingers: I keep the thermostat at 63 degrees. We live in sweaters and thermal underwear.

    So... Those are my thoughts.

    1. Just wanted to send a note to say that while I don't have a family to support (just myself and my astronomical rent), I feel your pain. As you might have read a few posts back (I'm not so naive as to think everyone can/does/wants to read everything here, but it's the one entitled "These past several weeks."), I was among the unemployed until last week as well. I know the effects it has upon lifestyle and self-esteem, to say the least. So yes, I do hear you.

      Also, though, make note of the fact that I am certainly not complaining. Had this type of comment been made to me six months ago, my viewpoint may have been different, but I'll never complain about a job again (especially during hard economic times), no matter how bad it seems. 'Tis much worse a feeling to be without one, even temporarily.

      Finally, thanks for the advice. I bundled up for the office and fared a little better today.

      Bottom line, I suppose: I know it doesn't help, really, but know you're not alone, and there are people out there who can relate, even if not exactly. You are heard...and validated. Keep the faith, though: things do get better.

    2. A group photo of office staff wearing gloves and parkas, with a close-up inset of a thermometer, sent to the custodial staff, might get the point across! <3


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